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Canna Lily

Canna indica

Grown by: Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia, PA

  • $5.00

This is a "botanical sample" and has not been germination tested.

Native to the Americas, this striking, red flowering, broad-leafed plant is beloved by humans and hummingbirds alike. At Truelove Seeds, we grow them at every gate to welcome both into our farm. While the rhizomes are edible raw, baked, or as starch, many consider it more of a survival food. If you have recipes you enjoy, please share them with us!

Seeds per pack: 15

Germination rate: Botanical Sample - this seed has not been germination tested this year.

Planting / harvesting notes

IMPORTANT: Scarify these very hard seeds with a file, sandpaper, nail clippers, or even try rubbing some of the seed coat off on a rock or a brick. It can take a long time (even years) for germination otherwise. Rub until whiteness shows through the seed coat. As early as 8-10 weeks before the last frost, place your seeds in water to soak for five days. Plant them 1/4 inch deep in consistently moist potting soil or vermiculite and keep them warmer than 60 degrees at all times. When the seedlings have emerged, place your pots in pans of water so that the roots get watered from below. Transplant into your garden after the last danger of frost has passed.

Seed keeping notes

Harvest seeds when the seed pods (which develop long after the flowers have been pollinated) have turned brown and crispy.

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