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Meet the Farmers

Each of the varieties offered through Truelove Seeds was grown by small-scale urban or rural farmers committed to sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty, and cultural preservation. Each farmer chose to grow at least one culturally-important variety that tells the story of their ancestry, their community, and/or their region.

This is the first year many of the farmers on this list have produced seed on this scale, so this has been a great mentorship opportunity for them. For most, this is an exciting new venture that will help them to deepen their food sovereignty work and to add another stream of income to help sustain it. 

Whether online, wholesale, or in a shop near you, 50% of every seed packet sale goes back to the farmer who grew it! 

If you do not see a photo gallery of our famers here, we apologize! Please check back later or use the MEET THE FARMERS dropdown list in the menu to learn about our growers.