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Dahlia Tubers

2020 TUBERS! We hope to list our new tubers by Friday, March 13th, 2020. Stay tuned! We will announce the start of our tuber sales via our newsletter (sign up at the bottom this page) and via social media. 

Native to Mexico, Aztecs bred dahlias (which they call cocoxochitl or acocotli) for their edible tubers. At Truelove Seeds, we grow them primarily as cut flowers for our florist friends, though we also conduct regular taste tests to find better tasting specimens.

All of our dahlia tubers are grown at our farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our tubers are inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and we ship our certificate with each order to all 50 states, but we can not ship outside of the United States.


We will ship your dahlia tuber order in a USPS Priority box. If your order includes more than 5 packages of dahlia tubers, please select the option to pay $13.20 for flat rate Priority Shipping. This is the real rate at which we must send your tubers, so please do not select a lower rate. Thank you!

We will ship beginning in early April to avoid freezing temperatures. Find your zone here.

Zones 6-10: Early April

Zone 5: Mid to Late April

Zones 2-4: Late April to Early May