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Bartram's Garden

Bartram’s Garden is a botanical garden, historic estate, nursery, and public park situated on Philadelphia on the lower Schuylkill River, on Lenape territory. In the botanical garden, the longest-living garden in the United States’ history, we grow the plants that were known by the 3 generations of the Bartram family that lived and worked there from 1728 until 1850. These plants range from herbs and vegetables, old fashioned garden flowers varieties, trees and vines from this continent and around the world to the native wild plants learned of by the Bartrams as they traveled up and down the eastern seaboard, surveying land and collecting plants for clients in Europe and for the nursery back in Philadelphia. We attempt to hold the colonial legacy of our garden with a profound commitment to learn and share the whole truth about the stories of these plants we grow and the places and people they have come from.