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Truelove Seeds is actively seeking to acquire or rent farmland in the Greater Philadelphia area to create a permanent farm for preserving ancestral seeds and community education.

Team Truelove


  1. Two or more open acres preferred 
  2. Good soil quality
  3. Flat to gently sloped
  4. Existing infrastructure: building access for drying seed harvests; water access, electricity, bathroom access
  5. Ability to build or use existing high tunnel or greenhouse
  6. Isolated by at least 1,000 feet from other food crops (we prefer an isolation of 0.5-1.0 mile) to prevent unwanted cross-pollination 
  7. If selling: Affordable: owner willing to sell at or below fair market value
  8. If renting: Affordable and long-term: owner willing to rent at or below market value, and willing to offer a long-term lease (at least 5-10 years)



  1. 5+ acres
  2. Existing infrastructure: building, barn/shed, water access, electricity, fencing
  3. Historically used for vegetables
  4. We hope to start preparing the land in 2024 with cover crops, fencing, and basic infrastructure, including high tunnels. Our current lease goes until December 2024. If needed, we will start land preparations in very early 2025



The closer to Philadelphia the better.

Mapped below are approximate driving times from one of the primary neighborhoods where Truelove Seeds farmers live (Northwest Philadelphia).

  • Inner ring: 30 minute drive
  • Outer ring: 60 minute drive

distance of farmland with farm locations

While we hope to find land closer to the inner ring, we will consider land in the outer ring as well. The heart emoji represents our first farm location, and the sun emoji represents our current farm location. During rush hours, these locations are an hour drive for some of us and we would like to move somewhere closer if possible!


Truelove Seeds is looking to purchase or rent one or more acres of farmland within an hour drive of Philadelphia as a home base for our seed company. We have been so grateful to be able to start our company and farm on a couple pieces of rented land in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and we are now ready to expand our seed production to better meet the increasing demand for our culturally important seeds; to better sustain our staff (through increased sales); to move our office space to our farm; and to have the long-term security that comes with land ownership.

Is there farmland in your family that you are looking to sell or rent with a long-term lease? Can you imagine it remaining or becoming a beautiful, productive farming space stewarded by Truelove Seeds? If so, please consider contacting us.

To help you visualize the possibilities: On our farm we grow culturally important seeds for our catalog and cut-flowers for local florists and we mentor aspiring seed farmers in the Philadelphia area through apprenticeship, workshops, and volunteer programs. We use low-till, chemical-free, agroecological practices that beautify the land with abundant vegetables and herbs (for seed production) and rows and rows of blooming dahlias and other cut flowers. Our current farm is half an acre and we have 125 different types of plants, representing over 100 species. See the overhead photo of the field below.

To learn more about us and our work, please see the About page on our website and our Instagram: @seedkeeping.

Overhead view of the Truelove Seeds farm in Glen Mills, PA


Have land? We want to hear from you!

Please email info@trueloveseeds.com and include "Land Search" in the subject.
Thank you!

Team Truelove in the field