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Novick Urban Farm

The Novick Urban Farm is a non-profit educational farm that is dedicated to promoting healthy choices, nutrition, sustainability, and community engagement. By providing hands on learning opportunities to thousands of children, we are able to educate children on healthy eating and nutrition, promoting long term healthy choices. We are also focused on building community relationships and addressing food insecurity. Grow Philly works intensively with the Burmese and Kah-ren refugee communities in South Philadelphia. We employ teens and adults, who are trained in sustainable growing and empowered to become community leaders. We grow many varieties specific to Burmese ethnic groups and focus on crops which are culturally important, nutritious, and hard to find. We donate produce to families in need and sell through our low-income farm stand. Money raised through the farm goes back to our community empowerment programs.

Website: novickbrothers.com/urban-farm.html
Instagram: @novickurbanfarm