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Saltmarsh Mallow

Kosteletzkya virginica

Grown by: Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia, PA

  • $5.00

Also called Seashore Mallow, Virginia Saltmarsh Mallow, Sweat Weed and Virginia Fen-rose - this gorgeous mallow is endemic to the salt and brackish marshes, bogs, swamps and seashores of coastal Eastern North America, from New York through Florida and Louisiana.

This striking flower is both a perennial and a halophyte, or salt-tolerant plant - able to grow in brackish and salty environments where many plants cannot thrive. Grows up to 4-6ft (occasionally as high as 10ft) over it's roughly 5 year life cycle. Once mature, this mallow makes gorgeous, pinkish flowers, about 3inches wide, which bloom on stalks all over this angular, leafy subshrub. Leaves are grey-green and toothed. Blooms June-September.

The Seminole tribe of Florida has prepared this plant as a remedy to treat cramping, heat exhaustion, and to induce labor. (Source)

Grows easily in moderately fertile, moist to wet soils. Prefers full sun. Plants grow well in mucky soils, but also do well in well irrigated garden soils.

Photo credits: Mandy Katz, Lead Horticulturist, Bartram's Garden. Bransford, W.D. and Dolphia, Sally and Andy Wasowski via the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center collection.

Days to maturity: Perennial, can flower in first year.

Seeds per pack: __

Germination rate: 97% on 01/29/2024

Planting / harvesting notes

Seeds germinate easily and quickly in warm (70 degrees or warmer) soils. Tolerant of exposure to salt water, but not drought. 

Seed keeping notes

Green, hairy fruit capsules (there are 5, each containing one seed) turn brown as the seed matures. The irregularly shaped, smooth seeds are ready for harvest when they are brown. 

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