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Seeds And Their People - Episode 1: Meet Chris and Owen

Seeds And Their People - Episode 1: Meet Chris and Owen


Welcome to Seeds And Their People! In our first episode, we share some seed stories that are important to us, our ancestors, and our story as partners in life and love. You'll hear about the Irish Lumper potato, the field pea, the Borlotto bean, and okra. We also share how cotton and apples helped bring us together.







Seeds And Their People is a radio show where we feature seed stories told by the people who truly love them. Hosted by Owen Taylor of Truelove Seeds and Chris Bolden-Newsome of Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden.




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Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden



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  • Love this podcast and TLS!! I can’t believe that I just noticed this. Do you guys know about A Bean Collectors Window? Might be an interesting guy to interview.

    Faith Hutchinson on
  • I feel so inspired as a Cape Verdean woman and a mother. To continue to work my land and honor my culture. I love how we all seem to carry peas LOL. I love the smooth style of your radio voices. I am excited to see more and more from this podcast!!

    Dorina on
  • Oh my goodness! This is such a lovely lovely way to start this podcast! Just listening to your calm quiet voices unfold, full of emotion and love was delicious medicine for my soul. So looking forward to listening in on the next stories. What delicate heartfelt love you share when you speak about Race and History and Spirituality. Thank you for sharing your stories and yourselves.

    I am a Market Gardener moving into a Seed Shepherdess. I have collected seeds through my years, not really understanding why it was so important to me to save them, to see them grow, to save them again. Thank you for helping share how important it is to know the stories as we save the seeds.
    Peace and Light,
    Maia she/her

    Maia Ostrom, she/her on
  • Thank you both for this conversation around Seeds and Seed Saving. BTW I learned a few things about Okra I was not aware of. Hearing Chris illuminated remarks has given me a deeper understanding of this vegetable. I’m not a lover of Okra, but after listening in, Ive gained a deeper understanding. Congratulations on this Podcast venture, looking forward to hearing and learning more from you. Looking forward especially to Chris Keynote at BBG-Making Brooklyn Bloom Conference early Spring. Ase, Ase! Love the Work you fellows are doing.
    Ena K.

    Ena K. McPherson on

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