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Winterspinat Haldenstein (Winter Spinach)

Spinacia oleracea

Grown by: Truelove Seeds Farm in Glen Mills, PA

  • $5.00

This winter spinach has large, smooth, nutty, and mild leaves that can be seeded in the fall for an early spring harvest. You can also seed this variety in the spring or late summer. It is named for Haldenstein: the Swiss town where people have been growing this pointy-seeded heirloom since before WWI.

Days to maturity: overwinter

Seeds per pack: 100

Germination rate: 91% on 10/11/2023

Planting / harvesting notes

Barely cover and tamp down the seeds directly in the ground. Seed in fall and overwinter in the garden for an early spring harvest. In zone 7 and colder, cover with low tunnels or cold frames during the coldest months. Alternatively, you can sow as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring or in the late summer when nights start to get cooler.

Seed keeping notes

Spinach is wind pollinated, biennial, and dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female plants. This means you should be sure to have both for successful pollination. Male plants eventually release visible pollen when shaken. Allow overwintered plants to flower and then turn brown. Seeds are ready when they are dried out. They will form pointy clusters. Harvest the stalks at this dry stage and allow the plants to further dry in a ventilated place if necessary.


This product is part of the Roughwood Seed Collection.

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