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White Russian Kale

Brassica napus

Grown by: Dandy Ram Farm in Monroe, ME

  • $5.00

At Dandy Ram Farm we have nicknamed this variety "sugar stem kale" because this White Russian Kale is the sweetest on the farm in the darkest months and both the stem and leaves are sugar-packed after the frost. This kale has been selected to thrive in the coldest months from October-April in Penobscot territory/midcoast Maine. Great for baby greens or full-sized. It will overwinter in the field with a bit of cover.

Bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds and released through the Open Source Seed Initiative.

Days to maturity: 21 days for baby greens, 50 days for full size

Seeds per pack: 375-400

Germination rate: 89% on 10/10/2023

Planting / harvesting notes

Direct seed 1/4 inch deep in garden or field, spring through late summer, or transplant in healthy plant starts. Plant spacing could range from 3-16 inches, depending on what you are going for. Prefers full sun.

Seed keeping notes

Isolate by 1/2 mile from other flowering members of B. napus, including Rapeseed, Swedes, Rutabagas, Siberian Kale, and Canola to avoid unwanted cross-pollination. Allow seed pods to turn brown and dry before seed harvest. Protect from birds.


This product is part of the Winter Crops Collection.

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