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Tiger's Eye Sunflower Mix

Tiger's Eye Sunflower Mix

Helianthus annuus

Grown by: Green Things Farm Collective in Ann Arbor, MI

  • $5.00

Blended over years by Richard Pecoraro of MASA Seed Foundation, Tiger’s Eye mix is an exciting feast for the eye. This multi-headed variety has a mix of single and double blooms with petal colors ranging from pale yellow to deep maroon - no two plants are alike! Sturdy 6-8 ft plants grow well even in hot, dry locations with lower soil fertility. Wonderful clustered along a fence or anywhere you want to attract birds, bees, and even hummingbirds. Black seeds are edible.

Certified Organic. Photo from Green Things Farm Collective.

Days to maturity: 90

Seeds per pack: 125

Germination rate: 95% on 11/20/2023

Planting / harvesting notes

Sow seeds directly in full sun, keep soil from drying out, and thin seedlings to 12-18" apart. This species is an annual in most of North America, but may self-sow in subsequent years.

Seed keeping notes

To harvest the seeds, cut the dried, browned flowers flower heads into a paper bag. Dislodge the seeds by breaking apart the seedheads/flowers. Use a strainer to sift out the larger chaff. Use your breath, wind, or fans to winnow off lighter weight chaff. Birds will likely start eating the seeds as they develop, so consider how much you'd like to leave for them, and how much you would like to save for yourself. Best harvested for seed during a dry spell.

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