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Sium sisarum

Grown by: Truelove Seeds Farm in Newtown Square, PA

  • $5.00

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Skirret is a perennial root vegetable that is native to China. Romans brought it to the British Isles in medieval times, where in 1677, English horticulturalist John Worlidge raved that it was: “the sweetest, whitest and most pleasant of roots,” in his Systema Horticulturae. Long before the arrival of the Andean potato, Irish Catholic monks cultivated this sweet parsnip and carrot relative. The roots are sweet and lovely. After root harvest in late winter or early spring, you can divide each plant into 4-6 separate clumps and replant for the following year's harvest.

Days to maturity: 120-140 

Seeds per pack: 60

Germination rate: 55% on 1/12/2021

Planting / harvesting notes

Seed in late winter or early spring in a greenhouse, cold frame, sunny window, etc. Transplant 9-12" apart when seedlings are a few inches tall and after it grows a few sets of leaves. Harvest after the first frost, or better yet in late winter or early spring for the sweetest roots. Lift plant, cut off the thicker white roots leaving the thin ones. Divide crown into several pieces and replant 9-12" apart for next year. 

Seed keeping notes

Allow flowers to die back and form seeds. Harvest when seeds are plump and dry. Propagates easier through divisions.


This product is part of the East Asian Collection.

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