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Mississippi Silver Hull Crowder Pea

Vigna unguiculata

Grown by: Sankofa Farm at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia, PA

  • $2.50

Below standard germination: 41% (However, another 51% was simply dormant at the time of the test in January, 2020. Plenty more should germinate by the time they are in the ground.

Many brown crowder peas crowd into this lovely 6" silver-sheened southern pea pod on bushy plants. Bred by Mississippi State University and released in 1965, this variety is reported to be resistant to various pests and diseases. Listed by the Slow Food Ark of Taste as a culturally important heirloom! Our seed was grown by Chris Bolden Newsome and his fellow farmers at Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram's Garden in Southwest Philadelphia. Chris grew up eating crowder peas in Greenville, MS, just down the (long) road from the university where this variety was developed.

Days to maturity: 85

Seeds per pack: 125

Germination rate: 41% (plus 51% hard/dormant seed)

Planting / harvesting notes

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Seed keeping notes

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