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Meadow Arnica

Arnica chamissonis

Grown by: Blackbird Rise in Palermo, ME

  • $5.00

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Native to the moist meadows and conifer forests of Western North America, this species is less altitude-dependant than its European cousin Arnica montana, and considered an acceptable substitute in herbal medicine. When in full bloom, use the fresh or dried flowers externally for its anti-inflammatory, soothing effects on traumatic injuries and joint pain.

Certified Organic

Seeds per pack: 50

Planting / harvesting notes

Sow seeds on the surface of moist potting soil and keep it evenly moist, cool, and in the sunlight until germination. Start indoors, and later transplant in full sun 6" apart.

Seed keeping notes

Save seed from dried flowers. Arnica reproduces asexually - the gametes divide asexually before the flowers bloom, so seeds are genetic clones of their parents.

Main photo by Dana L Woodruff of Dandelioness Herbals.

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