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Althaea officinalis

Grown by: Blackbird Rise in Newtown Square, PA

  • $5.00

Marshmallow is an attractive perennial native to damp soils of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. Its grey-tinged, velvety leaves are edible as a potherb or dried for tea, and its mucilaginous roots are used in healing for irritable intestines, throat, or lungs. As slippery elm is endangered, this plant is a good kitchen garden substitute. This is the plant whose early Egyptian confections later inspired the marshmallow treat.

Seeds per pack: 50

Germination rate: 91% on 02/01/2024

Planting / harvesting notes

In early spring, scarify with sandpaper and sow on the surface of the soil, just barely covered. Keep moist and warm. Some people recommend first giving your marshmallow seeds 3-4 weeks of cold stratification: place them in moist soil in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. When transplanting, space the plants two feet apart in full or partial sun. Harvest root in the fall of the 3rd year.

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