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Green Malabar Spinach

Basella alba

Grown by: Resilient Roots Farm in Camden, NJ

  • $5.00

Malabar Spinach is a fast-growing vine (up to ten feet) with green, heart-shaped, semi-succulent edible leaves. It is a perennial, but is grown as an annual in most of the US.

Also known as Rau mồng tơi, Ceylon Spinach, Red Stem Malabar, Vietnamese Spinach, Red Vine Spinach, Phooi Leaf, Indian Spinach, and Alugbati.

Days to maturity: 70

Seeds per pack: 50-55

Germination rate: 95% on 02/15/2024

Planting / harvesting notes

Sow ¼ inch deep in a greenhouse 5-6 weeks before transplant, 1-3 seeds per cell. Alternatively, sow directly in the soil 1-2 inches apart and later thin the row. Ideal spacing is 6 inches apart within a row, with sturdy, tall trellising.

Seed keeping notes

Harvest the fruits and mash them to remove the round hard seeds inside. Dry the seeds and story in a cool, dark place.


This product is part of the South Asian Collection.

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