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Eupatorium perfoliatum

Grown by: Blackbird Rise in Palermo, ME

  • $5.00

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Native to North America, the textured leaves and white flowers of this Aster family medicinal herb are dried for teas and tinctures to treat colds, fevers, and arthritis.

Days to maturity: Perennial in zones 4-8

Seeds per pack: 200

Germination rate: 63% on 03/31/2020

Planting / harvesting notes

Some say Boneset seeds benefit greatly from two weeks of cold stratification before planting. Others suggest simply sowing the seeds on the surface of the soil, tamp them in, keep them moist and give them 1-3 weeks to germinate. Prefers full sun to partial shade and moist soils. 

Seed keeping notes

Coming soon!

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