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Cempaxochitl Orange Marigold

Cempaxochitl Orange Marigold

Tagetes erecta

Grown by: Cruz Family Little Farm in Douglassville, PA

  • $5.00

These traditional bright orange Mexican marigolds are planted in May or June and harvested for Day of the Dead celebrations in October. This variety is bigger and lasts up to two weeks. Cut the stems, put them in water, and place them on the ofrenda on the altar.

Days to maturity: 60

Seeds per pack: 50-60

Germination rate: 78% on 03/20/2024

Planting / harvesting notes

Sow seeds on top of the soil and tamp them down. Sow in May or June (not earlier) for October harvest.

Seed keeping notes

Allow flowers to die back. Seeds will rattle in their dried seed head when ready for harvest.

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