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Vorgebirgstrauben Cucumber

Vorgebirgstrauben Cucumber

Cucumis sativus

Grown by: Cultivating The Commons in Amery, WI

  • $5.00

This is a pickling cucumber of German origins with "trauben" meaning grapes. This is a very vigorous variety that produces an abundance of nice tasting fruit with dimpled bumpy skin and a nice crispy crunch perfect for pickling. Our neighboring farmer collaborators, Whetstone Farm, adore this variety for their market and CSA. And our customers have begged for a pickling gherkin type, so here it is. We grew this seed with seed stock from Uprising Seeds. (Description by our growers, Cultivating the Commons).

Days to maturity: 55-60

Seeds per pack: 40-45

Germination rate: 98% on 02/05/2024

Planting / harvesting notes

Seed indoors 2-3 weeks beforehand and transplant into warm soil (above 60 degrees at night). Space the plants at 12 inches apart. Vines grow 4-5 feet, so allow them space to sprawl. Practice pest control, including covering the plants with row cover as they size up to keep off cucumber beetles, which can spread disease. Harvest 3 inch fruits daily.

Seed keeping notes

Cucumbers are insect pollinated and require about 1/2 a mile of isolation from other varieties of the same species, which in this case is Cucumis sativus. The seeds will be fully mature when the fruit turns yellowish orange, large, and bloated - harvest at this stage. Separate the seeds from the flesh, rinse them, and dry them on a screen or paper product away from direct sunlight in a ventilated place. The plumpest and hardest seeds will be most viable.

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