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Southeast Minnesota Saga Farm

I grew up in Kenya immigrating to the US as an adult. This means that my taste buds were well accustomed to our local foods especially vegetables and chinsaga to be specific. This made me crave them especially during my child bearing years. I could ask my relatives in Kenya to send me the vegetables, which came dry (not actually hitting the spot for my cravings).

This all changed when my mother came to visit us and lived with us for four years. While here, one of her cousins invited her to a farm where they grew vegetables (managu, chinsaga, kunde etc.) When my mom left, I continued to grow the vegetables in our backyard and sometimes even in the city lot gardens which we are able to rent during the summer. 

Through the The Village Agricultural Cooperative organization in Rochester, MN, which strives to provide farm land to minorities to garden in the summer, I heard of the Truelove Seeds company. I felt like it’s such a powerful way to honor my now late Mother Priscillah by sharing her love for farming by sharing her seeds with others.

- Norah Makori