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Tapilan Beans (Philippines)

Vigna umbellata

Grown by: Truelove Seeds Farm in Glen Mills, PA

  • $5.00

Tapilan is a Southeast Asian legume that is also called Rice Bean as it looks a bit like rice, and is eaten with or instead of rice in soups and stews.

It is a vining plant (3-6 feet high) with yellow flowers and clusters of long thin bean pods (3-5 inches long) with 6-10 oblong seeds.

Our seeds come originally from our friend Beatrice Misa Crisostomo of Global Seed Savers in the Philippines where it was once more common than the imported mung bean, according to a 2007 article in Market Manila promoting the indigenous bean.

The dry beans are a good source of protein, essential amino acids, and minerals, and are often served as dal, having been soaked overnight and boiled with spices. Can also be cooked or roasted as flour and ground to make deep fried dishes or snacks. Young pods and leaves are sometimes eaten as cooked vegetables.

Also known as: Chi xiao dou, Mi dou, Mi chi dou, Hong xiao dou, Xiao hong dou, Chi xiao dou, Kacang uci, Shima tsuru azuki, Tsuru azuki, Raisu biin, Sandaek angkat miéhs, Sandaek riech mieh, Thwax la:ng te:l, Thwax sade:t pax, Thwax phi, Kattuzhunnu, Kacang sepalit, Thua daeng, Thua pae, Ma pae, Dau gao, Dau nho nhe.


Days to maturity: 90

Seeds per pack: 80-90

Germination rate: 79% (18% hard) on 06/13/2023 (below standard)

Planting / harvesting notes

Direct sow safely after frost, any time between late May and mid-June. Full sun, plenty of room and airflow. Thin to 2-4 inches in row, but give at least 12 inches between rows. Can be eaten picked fresh but most often used as a dried bean (harvest when pod turns crispy and brown).

Seed keeping notes

Allow pods to dry fully into a brown crispy state. This is when they are ready to harvest for seed. If necessary, lay them out to dry a little longer in their pods.


This product is part of the Southeast Asian Collection.

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