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Soilful City

Soilful City seeks to bring justice to communities and heal the sacred relationship between communities of African descent and Mother earth. Soilful views farming not only as a way to cultivate food and sovereignty for communities, but as a way to heal and rebuild our souls. We utilize the agricultural and the political principals of Agroecology to work in solidarity with under-resourced communities to develop a collective consciousness about restoring bodies, families, communities, and the land in which they live and to create a harmony amongst individuals, communities, and the natural world. We collaborate with black farmers and urban gardeners from DC and Maryland to create a sauce that pays homage to seed-keeping, DC Culture, and artist Horace Pippin. All the peppers used in the sauce were grown by black farmers and urban gardeners. The goal of this sauce is to continue the legacy of the Horace Pippin fish pepper seeds while supporting emerging farmers. We are focused on creating a product that tastes good, that honors that land and communities we work with, and that will be an economically viable product that can lead to economic sustainability. Head over to the Soilful Store to get your bottle of Soilful’s Pippin Sauce. Seeds from our fish peppers are now available through Truelove Seeds.


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