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Palestinian Summer Squash Mix

Cucurbita pepo

Grown by: Meadowhawk Farm in Montague, MA

  • $5.00

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Surprise yourself with this diverse population of summer squashes from Palestine! Varying from all green (light or dark), to yellow, to a half yellow and half green, this population surprised us as well! We grew 40 plants all from the seeds of one supposed Kusa squash from Palestine, and this is what we got. Originally, we thought we could not sell this lot since it is so variable and only from one grandmother plant, but many people expressed interest, so here you go! Most are bushy, with occasional vines. Vigorous, healthy, constantly producing plants.

We received the seeds from a squash shared with us by Kristyn Leach of Namu Farm, who had received it from visitors from the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library.

Days to maturity: 48 from transplant

Seeds per pack: 32

Germination rate: 86% on 12/21/23

Planting / harvesting notes

Direct sow in warm soil after the last frost, or seed indoors 2-3 weeks beforehand and transplant. Space 18" apart in the row. In our grow-out, most were bush, but some had short vines. If grown in corn, you may need to train them so they won't pull it down! Avoid downy mildew by watering only at the base of the plant (not on the leaves!). Harvest fruits when young and tender.

Seed keeping notes

Squash are insect pollinated and require about 1/2 a mile of isolation from other varieties of the same species, which in this case is C. pepo. The seeds will be fully mature when the fruit gets large, the colors get darker, and the stem of the fruit has turned brown and woody. Separate the seeds from the flesh, rinse them, and dry them on a screen or paper product away from direct sunlight in a ventilated place. The plumpest and hardest seeds will be most viable.


This product is part of the Seeds of the Levant.

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