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2018 Seed Keeping Calendar

  • $16.50

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The theme for the third annual Seed Keeping calendar is Resilience and Resistance. In this time of global political and environmental imbalance and distress, we can draw inspiration from plants that have played a role in the survival and joy of people facing enormous challenges. This is a collection of photos and stories of twelve crops grown by myself and many farmers who I love. I offer this calendar as food for our journey together; we draw strength from our past as we move towards a more whole and collective future.

"Your 2016 calendar makes my wall sing!" - Robin

Printed on 100% recycled paper at Fireball Printing in Philadelphia. Will ship after October 4th.

All photos and text are by Owen Taylor, and were selected from the more popular posts this year from @seedkeeping. Design and technical wizardry by Sara Taylor (aka Lil Sis).


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