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Kula Nursery

Kula Nursery is a grassroots urban nursery working within and for BIPOC communities to increase food sovereignty through gardening education and culturally relevant plant starts. The mission at Kula Nursery is to reconnect the diaspora with heritage food, strengthen food sovereignty among these communities, and promote cultural and biological diversity. As a heritage nursery, we believe the act of growing, tending to, and eating heritage foods encourages folks to reclaim their power within the local food system while simultaneously honoring and reconnecting to their ancestors, immediate family and community at large.

Since 2020, we have been deeply rooted within the South Asian community in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to understand their food preferences and determine what culturally important foods are missing from the local food system. Through countless interactions with community members at farmers markets, we are slowly inching our way towards identifying the specific foods that are greatly desired for culinary, medicinal and spiritual purposes.

Kula Nursery continues to expand their stewarded collection of heirloom seeds gifted to them from folks within the diasporic community by growing them out for seed and providing them back to the community via plant starts throughout the US. We are proud to carry a curated selection of South Asian vegetable and herb plants that represent the vibrant culinary traditions within the South Asian diaspora.

While there is much cultural crossover between the plants we grow, we are continuously trying to offer a wider selection of plants to better serve the BIPOC community.

Website: www.kulanursery.com

Instagram: @kula.nursery