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Guardsmark Chioggia Beet

Beta vulgaris

Grown by: Green Things Farm Collective in Ann Arbor, MI

  • $5.00

Slice into this Italian heirloom for a stunning surprise: concentric circles of brilliant pink and white. Sweeter and less earthy than red beets, it also bleeds less when cooked, and is particularly sweet when harvested in cold months. This strain has gone through rigorous selection and improvement to retain its classic bullseye pattern. Chioggia will retain this color pattern if baked whole and then sliced just before serving. The tender greens are also edible. Originating in Chioggia, Italy, a seaside town just south of Venice, this heirloom beet has been grown in the US since the 1860s.

Photos from Green Things Farm Collective.

Days to maturity: 65

Seeds per pack: 115

Germination rate: 90% on 3/21/23

Planting / harvesting notes

Direct seed 1/2-3/4 inch deep after danger of last frost. Plants should end up 3-5 inches from each other. Row spacing could be 12-18 inches. It's more time and energy, but beets also transplant relatively well, so for example, if you have a situation with really bad weeds or you are notoriously bad at staying up on weeding, you could start seeds in flats and transplant to freshly prepared ground to get ahead.

Seed keeping notes

Beets are wind pollinated and biennial. Allow overwintered plants to flower and then turn brown. Seeds are ready when they are dried out, which begins towards the base of the plant and moves up the seed head. Harvest the stalks at the dry stage when about 2/3 of the seeds are dried. Allow the plants to further dry in a ventilated place for 7-14 days. Thresh by running a gloved hand down the stalk, removing the seeds.


This product is part of the Italian Collection.

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