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Matricaria chamomilla

Grown by: Katydid Hill Farm in Orwigsburg, PA

  • $5.00

Taste the difference in fresh, hand-picked chamomile—the full bodied flavor is fruity and bright. Chamomile is a powerhouse little flower used to aid sleeplessness, balance an upset stomach, and calm the nerves. Don't underestimate chamomile just because it's cute! Also known as manzanilla, or little apple, the flowers are soothing and anti-inflammatory with that characteristic fruity and floral flavor.

Days to maturity: 60-65

Seeds per pack: 200

Germination rate: 75% on 02/15/2024

Planting / harvesting notes

Start indoors 4-6 weeks before transplanting into the garden by sowing on the surface and simply pressing them into the soil: they need light to germinate. Direct sow by scattering on the surface of the soil and pressing them in. They can just fine grow close to each other without thinning.

Seed keeping notes

Harvest the flowers toward the end of their life and allow them to dry. They will release their seeds and you can use sieves and winnowing to remove the chaff.

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