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PLANT: Rose Milkweed - 2" POT - Local only, no shipping

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Help protect monarch butterflies with this native plant!

With beautiful pink, mauve, and white flowers, this perennial milkweed is native to wet soils of North America. This milkweed has specialized roots for living in damp soils with little oxygen, though our plants thrived in our well-drained soils as well, growing 3-5' tall, and 1-2' wide.

Monarch butterflies from northeastern North America fly thousands of miles south to overwinter in sacred firs on mountains 62 miles northwest of Mexico City, in sanctuaries protected by the Mexican government. In the spring, they will then fly to Texas to a milkweed patch to lay eggs, and four or five generations later, they will make it to the northeast again, to another milkweed patch. The caterpillars only eat milkweed. It serves them well! They use the toxic steroids (called cardenolides) of milkweed plants to taste horrible to predators. Suburban development has diminished this once ever-present plant. Please plant milkweed if you don’t already - you’ll help this endangered indigenous American butterfly continue to make its annual trip by creating a landing place - a sanctuary.

Also called: swamp milkweed, rose milkweed, rose milkflower, swamp silkweed, or white Indian hemp.

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