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PLANT: Papalo - 4" POT - Local only, no shipping

  • $3.00

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Papalo has been grown in Mexico for perhaps several thousand years, since being introduced from its native range in South America. "Papalo" comes from "Papalotl" - the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word for butterfly. The taste is incredible, and there's no consensus on how to describe it. Many think it tastes a lot like a potent cilantro, which despite its central role in Mexican cooking originates in the Middle East or Mediterranean (some say Iran) and was brought to the Americas in the 1500s by the Spanish. So before cilantro: papalo. Also, people have said it tastes like arugula, rue, and citrus. The flavor bursts in your mouth, and even brushing past the plant can fill the air with essential oils.

See the neatly arranged holes on the underside of the leaf? Those aromatic oil glands keep away chewing insects, and give the leaf a powerful punch for us humans. Many restaurants in parts of Mexico will have papalo sprigs in water on the tables for eaters to tear up and add fresh to their food.

From seeds shared by Black Dirt Farm Collective.

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