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PLANT: Franklinia Tree - 4" POT - Local only, no shipping

PLANT: Franklinia Tree - 4" POT - Local only, no shipping

  • $10.00

Plants are for local pickup/delivery only! Please find delivery and pickup information here.

Franklinia Tree (Franklinia alatamaha), is native to the Alatamaha River Valley in Georgia, and was named in Philadelphia by John Bartram's son William after his father's dear friend Ben. Extinct in 'the wild' for hundreds of years now, it is grown as a rare plant around the world, and it is assumed all plants that exist today have a common ancestor in the seed William propagated around 1781 at Bartram's Garden.

Franklinia is in the same family as Camellia, a genus that includes what we know as tea. It makes a tasty beverage similar to green tea, but without the caffeine. There are current studies that hypothesize that Franklinia offers similar health benefits as green tea. One other note: according to the same researcher, its flowers only last about a day, and seem to intoxicate bees - like fall down drunk. Hopefully our tree will heal well and prosper, for the bees' sake.

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