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Large Flowered Evening Primrose

Oenothera grandiflora

Grown by: Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia, PA

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Large flowered evening primrose is a short-lived perennial, blooming the second year after germination. This is a wildflower of old fields or other disturbed places, needing lots of sun and appreciating plenty of moisture and maybe a little extra potassium once in a while. In very late summer through fall the plant is covered in glowing buttery blooms that open in the evening and bloom all night, attracting the moths to pollinate in an evening dance. Evening primrose roots are edible and somewhat tasty, and their seeds are high in omega oils. These merits are likely to have been known by the Creek, Choctaw, and Natchez, the original caretakers of the land in its native home, the Mobile- Tensaw river delta. William Bartram saw this plant while traveling through the south collecting plants for the family garden back home. The plant was brought back to Bartram’s Garden in 2007 when the seed was collected again by historian Joel Fry in Stockton, Alabama.

Photo by Bartram's Garden, 2015.

Days to maturity: blooms in second year

Seeds per pack: 100

Planting / harvesting notes

For best result, sow seed in spring or under lights. Spread seed on the surface of the soil bed and tamp lightly down. Keep evenly moist until germination, being careful not to wash the tiny seeds away when you water them! A spray bottle is a good way to water the seeds until they are able to anchor themselves to the soil substrate. A humidity dome or sheet of plastic over your seed flat may help keep adequate moisture until the seeds sprout. They should sprout within one or two weeks, but expect spotty germination rates - ours germinated at 71% in 2/2019.

Seed keeping notes

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