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Flower Share: West Philly and Germantown

  • $375.00

  • This product is only available for weekly local pickup at the addresses listed below.
  • Please be sure to select the SIZE and LOCATION above before placing your order.

Our flowers are in full swing, and we are excited to send them to good homes!

For ten weeks this summer, we will sit on a porch with buckets of gorgeous blooms so you can construct your weekly bouquets (see photo 3). Drop by any time in the hours listed below and we'll help you build your bouquet as you select your favorites. We'll try to bring extra of everything so even the last person has great choices!

See the last two photos for a sense of what a full vs half share looks like.

We have enough for 10 full shares in each location (or 20 half shares).

And as always, thanks to @claykitchenstudio for these beautiful vases!



Build your own bouquet with: dahlias; zinnias; sunflowers; plume celosia and cockscomb; and various types of foliage! 

Address: Pick-up address shared after sign-up

Time/Day - West Philly: Every Tuesday evening from 6pm-7pm

Time/Day - Germantown: Every Thursday evening from 6pm-7pm

Dates: 10 weeks from August 2nd through October 6th

Full share: 18 stems ($37.50 per week for 10 weeks = $375)

Half share: 9 stems ($22.50 per week for 10 weeks = $225)


We designed this to be similar to a CSA farm share - by paying up front, you are funding our small operation during summer (our slowest seed sales season), and receiving your beautiful flowers each week as a subscription. When we offered this Flower Share in previous years, we had so much fun sharing the love with our customers and getting to see each other each week for this joyful exchange.

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