PLANT: Beaver Dam Pepper - 4" Pot - Local only - no shipping

PLANT: Beaver Dam Pepper - 4" Pot - Local only - no shipping

Grown by: Truelove Seeds at Mill Hollow Farm in

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This mild to medium hot pepper is crunchy, rich, and fruity with a sweet intro and a surprise spicy finish. 5-8" goat horn-shaped fruits ripen from bright lime-green to red, and are good for slicing fresh onto a sandwich, stuffing, or pickling. Be prepared for a plentiful harvest! Beaver Dam’s Scoville Heat Unit ranking is a scant 500-1,000, giving it a flavor more akin to a slightly spicy ripe bell pepper than even a mild Poblano.

These seeds came to the US originally with the family of Joe Hussli, Hungarian Immigrants, who arrived in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1912. Though generally eaten fried, stewed, pickled or roasted in the US, pimento type peppers are often dried and powdered in Hungary for zesty paprika. The Beaver Dam Pepper Festival turns up the heat in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin on the second Saturday of September! The Beaver Dam Pepper has been designated by Slow Food as an outstandingly tasty, culturally important, and endangered heirloom and is listed in their Ark of Taste as a way to invite everyone to take action to help protect it.

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