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Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries

PLANT: Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry - 4" POT - Local only, no shipping

  • $3.00

Plants are for local pickup/delivery only! Please find delivery and pickup information here.

First recorded in Pennsylvania in 1837, this historic Polish variety is a delightful combination of sweet and tart, with notes of vanilla and pineapple. Ground cherries are sweet cousins to tomatoes and tomatillos. Kids of all ages love finding tiny wrapped packages and eating the yellow fruits like candy right in the garden, or several weeks later in fruit salad or over ice cream, as they store well in their husks. Naturally high in pectin, they make great preserves and pies as well.

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry has been designated by Slow Food as an outstandingly tasty, culturally important, and endangered heirloom from Pennsylvania, and is listed in their Ark of Taste as a way to invite everyone to take action to help protect it.

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